Aidan 5 is shockingly good

I recently stumbled upon Aidan 5, an original sci-fi web series, and I was blown away. I’m not the only one either, judging from reviews.

Now, I’m not a TV or movie critic. The sci-fi portion of Philoscifi is mostly dedicated to talking about the ideas incorporated in works, not to reviewing the works themselves. There are plenty of sites that do that already, and I don’t normally feel compelled to repeat what has already been said. However, I’ll make an exception this time because Aidan 5 is just too good.

So web series are becoming more abundant these days, and it’s increasingly hard to tell the difference between them and big-budget TV shows. Eventually you start taking this for granted. I hate saying that since I know that web series creators have to work really hard, often with far fewer resources than their studio counterparts, but it’s just human nature. You can’t be impressed forever.

Aidan 5
has outstanding production values, no question, but what makes me sit up and go “wow” is that it’s all done with virtually no budget at all! All-volunteer cast, tight time restrictions. Visually, it’s understated and stylistic at the same time, much like Sin City, and the simple but powerful story gripes you from the very first moment and never lets go. I’m not going to spoil anything for you. Just go to the Aidan 5 site and watch the first episode (5 minutes or so). You will not be disappointed.

If you like it, spread the word and considering supporting it!

3 thoughts on “Aidan 5 is shockingly good

  1. Just letting you know, we’re launching the series starting with Episode 2 on March 4th! New episodes will be released every other week – so please check us out!


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