Philosophy: Love of Wisdom

Wisdom is truth well earned.

We are awash in a sea of knowledge. We are told every day what we want, what we need, and what we should do. Yet without context or connection, knowledge means nothing. Knowledge is not equivalent to wisdom. Wisdom cannot be told to you. It cannot be found on the Internet. It can only be gained through a personal quest to acquire it. Philosophy is that quest.

Others may define it otherwise, but to me, wisdom is the synthesis of knowledge and experiences into insights that deepen our understanding of the meaning of life. Both are required because theories without experiences can prove false, and experiences without theories can fail to be universal. Once you begin to gain wisdom, two remarkable things can occur: 1) you begin to understand your purpose and how to achieve it, and 2) you begin to connect your wisdom to that of other people across space and time. Patterns emerge like stair steps and, as you climb up, you will begin to experience the unity of all things. –Justarius

table of contents

On Philosophy


Understanding – The first step to success in anything is to understand yourself, others, the world, and how everything fits together.

Third Culture Kids (TCKs)



The Machine

Taking Action – Once you understand the world and your place in it, you can accomplish anything you put your mind to.

Developing Your Vision

Staying Motivated


The Wisdom of Others


Oneness – As you gain wisdom, you will begin to make connections between Truth, Love, and Beauty, and to appreciate the richness and diversity of ideas from thinkers across space and time.


Love and Beauty