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Philoscifi is a dialogue about ideas, so please feel free to ask questions and suggest topics. If you prefer, you can use the form or email us at philoscifi dot com at gmail dot com. –Justarius

2 thoughts on “Suggest Topics

  1. In reading your “about” page, your account of high school/college experiences reminds me of the good fortune I had to have a high school Philosophy teacher in Jim Wichterman. As you can imagine, the feeling of intellectual “connectedness” I enjoyed was increased when I saw this:

    On another note, the appreciation of the “justice” meme in the name Justarius is something that I share. It has been interesting to get to know the work of a fellow named Joe Justice, the guy behind WikiSpeed dot com.


  2. David, that’s quite amazing. Do you still keep in touch with Mr. Wichterman? I had a remarkable teacher in high school as well who really opened my eyes. He was philosopher, teaching math, English, and humanities with equal depth and insight. I should have switched my intended major right then and there, but I had mentally committed to engineering and was reluctant to entirely change course. It wasn’t until 7 long years later when I read The Story of Philosophy that I finally accepted who I really was, and everything slowly started coming together.

    I recently caught up with him again in person. It was quite a joy. In one sense, it feels like no time has passed. He is the same brilliant guy, but I have changed. I can now talk with him on a different level. More than teacher, he is now a friend and a peer.

    Thanks for introducing me to Joe Justice. I hadn’t heard of his work before and need to learn more.


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