Louis C.K. – funny yet insightful

I don’t follow many comedians, but Louis C.K. is one of them. I don’t care much for the profanity, but his irreverent sense of humor is an effective vehicle for thoughtful commentary on the state of modern society. Not all comedians do this. Too many shock for the sake of shocking. Check out this segment about why smartphones are bad for kids.


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The power of dreams

A recent high school graduate that I know gave a little speech. It was a speech about a life transformed and a dream for the future. It was a speech from the heart. If you have not seen this, it is worth a few minutes of your time. Read More

Jason Silva: performance philosopher extraordinaire

I recently stumbled upon the work of Jason Silva, performance philosopher. What is “performance philosophy,” you ask? One way to look at it is the revitalization of philosophy through short, powerful videos–each about three minutes. Some have described them as “movie trailers for ideas.” Read More

Everything is a remix

A friend referred me to Kirby Ferguson’s “Everything is a Remix” web video series, and I found it to be well thought out and produced. Its byline is “nothing is original,” and it focuses on the concept that creative ideas are repeatedly borrowed from previous generations of artists. If that sounds interesting to you, have […]

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