Planetes: great hard sci-fi anime

Japanese animation, or anime, has a long, rich science fiction heritage; however, anime often gravitates toward giant robots, super powers, and aliens. Sometimes, though, a series comes along that bucks the trend. In the 1990s, that series was Ghost in the Shell, a plausible take on the near future where the lines between the cyberworld […]

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I recently watched a movie called, Moon, which is probably the finest example of philoscifi I have seen since Gattaca and The Matrix. Considering that Gattaca came out in 1997 and The Matrix came out in 1999, that’s saying something. The more I read about Moon, the more impressed I became. Impressed enough to actually […]

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The Fountain explained

The controversy The Fountain: a beautiful mess or something more? If you look up reviews , you’ll be confronted with two extremes: those that thought it was sheer drivel and those that thought it was the one of most incredible film ever. Why such a disparity?

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