I recently watched a movie called, Moon, which is probably the finest example of philoscifi I have seen since Gattaca and The Matrix. Considering that Gattaca came out in 1997 and The Matrix came out in 1999, that’s saying something. The more I read about Moon, the more impressed I became. Impressed enough to actually […]

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The Fountain explained

The controversy The Fountain: a beautiful mess or something more? If you look up reviews , you’ll be confronted with two extremes: those that thought it was sheer drivel and those that thought it was the one of most incredible film ever. Why such a disparity?

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The Longest Journey

I recently played an enjoyable PC adventure game called “The Longest Journey.” It is the story of two worlds: the world of order and science (Stark) and the world of chaos and magic (Arcadia). A guardian has maintained the balance between the worlds for thousands of years, but for some reason, he has left his […]

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When Nietzsche Wept

I just finished watching the film When Nietzsche Wept (based on the book of the same title). It’s an interesting story that mixes some historical figures and events with Nietzschean philosophy and Freudian psychology. Although the movie has its flaws, it’s worth watching if you’re interested in any of these topics.

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Man on Wire

I recently watched a great documentary called Man on Wire. It is the story of a tightrope walker named Philippe Petit, whose dream, nay, obsession was to tightrope walk between the towers of the World Trade Center.

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Blade Runner

Not my favorite movie, but it’s a sci-fi cult classic in large part for its dark, gritty portrayal of the future city. Is it better to burn twice as bright but only live half as long? Such was the fate of the replicants in Blade Runner, synthetic humanoid beings designed to do jobs that humans […]

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