Motivating quotes

When you are faced with seemingly impossible challenges, you may feel like giving up or not even trying. Words of encouragement from someone who has been through it can be the difference between life and death for your goals. Here are some of my favorite motivating quotes.

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Time for a change

In my previous article, Slaves of Time, I discussed freedom of attitude, a kind of inner calm in the face of a world that demands much of our time. It is hard to free ourselves from time anxiety–after all, we were brought up to maximize, to seek ever more with ever less of our time. […]

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Good leadership Good leadership can be the difference between victory and defeat, success and disaster. All good leaders share some common characteristics, which can be distilled from the insights of past leaders and thinkers.

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Keys to success

Walk down the aisles of any bookstore and you’ll find many books purporting to explain the secrets of succeeding in life. Really, you only need to remember 3 keys to success, and you can get them for free here. Whether it’s business, marriage, or personal goals, constant learning, persistence, and a sense of humor are […]

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Keeping momentum

Momentum is your most important asset any time you are starting your own project, and it is important for 2 reasons. The first reason is that everyone likes a winner; if you have good momentum, you will find that people will jump on your bandwagon, whether it’s buying your product or seeing your movie. It’s […]

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