Jason Silva: performance philosopher extraordinaire

I recently stumbled upon the work of Jason Silva, performance philosopher. What is “performance philosophy,” you ask? One way to look at it is the revitalization of philosophy through short, powerful videos–each about three minutes. Some have described them as “movie trailers for ideas.” Read More

Spirituality and beauty

To exist, one must feed the body, but to truly live, one must feed the soul. Spirituality and beauty are mana for the soul. Yet what are they exactly? I believe somewhat in Plato’s concept of Forms. Forms are the perfect models that our world imitates imperfectly (see this Wikipedia article). I prefer to think […]

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Light is life

Light is life – Without light, there would be no photosynthesis and therefore no oxygen. Without oxygen, life as we know it would not exist. Not I, nor you, nor anyone else. Can you imagine that? Plants use sunlight to make food, other creatures eat plants, and we eat them both! All life is one. […]

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Truth, love, beauty

If you boil everything down, you will find that virtually every significant endeavor of ours since the beginning of human history has been a manifestation of these three things. To truly understand the meaning of life, we must harmonize truth, love, and beauty.

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Science is spiritual

I recommend reading Truth, love, beauty before reading this article. Some theories and concepts of science seem to transcend the physical world to become universal and spiritual. Science and religion have been fighting for a long time, but it’s time to make peace. Cutting edge science is showing us that they have more in common […]

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