Is religion the answer?

Is religion the answer? If religion works for you, that’s great. It is a powerful instrument of belonging. But if it doesn’t, that’s ok too. Religion is a personal decision that shouldn’t be rushed for the sake of belonging because there is a price to pay.

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Religion’s stumbling blocks

For a period in my life, I was very attracted to religion because it seemed to offer the answers to the important questions: why are we here; what are we suppose to be doing; and what happens after we die? I studied different religions intensely for many years and struggled to find the “right fit.”

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Religion’s grains of truth

I recommend reading Truth, love, beauty before reading this article. Religion is attractive to many people because it answers important questions like “why are we here,” but it also resonates with people because it feels like the Truth. At the heart of most religions, you will find bits of philosophy.

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