Trusting corporations with too much

Did you know that Giants walk the earth? Immortal beings of tremendous size and power roam freely, causing great harm or good with each stride. I’m talking about for-profit corporations. Once created, they live forever until dissolved. Technically, they are governed by laws, shareholders, officers, and boards, but in reality, no one controls them. Shares […]

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You cannot save the world

…but you might be able to change some part of it. To survive as an idealist in the modern world, it’s necessary to make this subtle but important change. ‘To save the world’ is such an inspiring notion, but too many idealists are crushed by the burden of such an unrealistic standard.

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Slaves of Time

Tick-tock, click-clock, the clock counts down: on we hurry, off we scurry. We are slaves of time. Or rather, we have┬ábecome┬áslaves of time. We live in fear of wasting time, yet we have so little quality time. The strange thing is, even as slaves we still imagine ourselves in charge–or at least we’re supposed to […]

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