Everyone Should Know: Commanding Heights

What is globalization? How is it possible for one country to bring down the entire world, and quickly? Everyone should know something about the global economy, and Commanding Heights is a solid introduction. The series continues after the jump, with some additional questions to consider.

Everyone Should Know is a short list of thought-provoking books, films, and articles about significant aspects of our modern world that are seldom taught in school. This list is not exhaustive, nor are the works perfect, but they get you thinking. Suggestions welcome! So far, the list includes two books, Quiet and A Time of Passion, and an article, The Case Against CredentialismThe goal is help everyone develop a personal compass with which to navigate the real world–a solid understanding of how the world works so that he or she can make informed choices and live a meaningful life.

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Marry Him review

Quick review There are many other things I should be doing, but I ended up getting hooked on this book: Marry Him: The Case for Settling for Mr. Good Enough. Why are so many eligible women–particularly in their 40s and up–still alone when they desperately want to be married?

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Forever waiting for Superman

So there is a constant racket in the news about how we have a shortage of public school teachers, how most of the teachers are retiring, and how there are all sorts of programs to get people into teaching. But wait, we don’t want just any teachers, only ‘highly qualified’ ones. If we’re waiting for […]

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Elitist Republicans, egalitarian Democrats

Suppose a foreigner asks, “What is the difference between Republicans and Democrats?” One could reply that Republicans are pro-rich, pro-business, pro-religion, and advocate smaller government while Democrats are pro-equality, pro-regulation, and advocate bigger government.That is a mouthful, and it is not necessarily accurate. Perhaps a more useful and concise reply is that Republicans are elitists […]

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Good leadership Good leadership can be the difference between victory and defeat, success and disaster. All good leaders share some common characteristics, which can be distilled from the insights of past leaders and thinkers.

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