What’s wrong with modern sci-fi?

Actually, that’s a loaded question, but it caught your attention, eh? I suppose that technically nothing is “wrong” with modern sci-fi. On average, SF writers today are much better writers than ever before. Their sentences flow. Their characters are round and fully realized. Action crackles off the page. And yet it’s hard for me to […]

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Philofiction vs. philoscifi

Recently, I decided that a discussion that started in the comments section of the Why is philosophy important? article merited its own spotlight. Specifically, I will highlight the perceived advantages of philofiction over philosophy and philosophical science fiction (sci-phi or philoscifi).

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Everything is a remix

A friend referred me to Kirby Ferguson’s “Everything is a Remix” web video series, and I found it to be well thought out and produced. Its byline is “nothing is original,” and it focuses on the concept that creative ideas are repeatedly borrowed from previous generations of artists. If that sounds interesting to you, have […]

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Intelligent Design is not science

I’m generally a pretty easygoing guy, but one thing that always burns me up is the twisting of words to mislead and to misinform. Take for example the recent attempts to have Intelligent Design (ID) taught as a viable alternative to evolution in science classrooms. Proponents argue that if evolution is merely a “theory,” then […]

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I don’t want to achieve immortality through my work. I want to achieve it through not dying. – Woody Allen Humans have always been obsessed with immortality. From the Fountain of Youth to the latest cryogenics, people have always sought ways to extend their physical presence in the world indefinitely. They are going about it […]

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