Speaker for the Dead

Hundreds of years after the events of Ender’s Game in which humanity annihilated a sentient race, we find another planet with a sentient race that we call the “piggies.” A scientist studying them has been killed, and tensions are running high. Ender was the one who unwittingly ordered the previous xenocide, and he wants to […]

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Dogma has no place in science

I detest dogma; it always gets in the way of progress. But then again, that is its purpose: to preserve existing knowledge and to be skeptical of anything new or foreign. Dogma is useful when used to further a higher goal like the integrity of science. Science would lose all credibility if it routinely accepted […]

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Ender’s Game

Here is a brief spoiler-free synopsis. In the near future, humanity encounters a bug-like alien race, and they promptly go to war. Humanity is grossly outnumbered and is losing badly. A savior is needed, and one is found: a boy named Ender Wiggin. He is brilliant but too kind-hearted. If humanity is to survive, he […]

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